Friday, February 22, 2008

Domain Name - How To Pick One

Choose a domain name should be easy, right? Why do it, I just use my business name. Not so fast, sparky. A good bit of thinking, should consider choosing a domain name is name.a warning notepicking want to get married. You need to adhere to it until the bloody battle in the end. People use your site to understand its domain name. Repeat visitors will often simply type in the domain name, to obtain the site, better known as "type traffic." As an example, you search for "Amazon" When you want to buy a book or do simple If Amazon to change its name to the desert, there will be a lot of confusion. Similarly, with your domain name. When you pick up things, insist it.your choiceswell, the clear choice is your business name, but it may not be the best. There are four significant issues to consider.first, some of the names of your enterprise that makes it as a domain name is an unwise choice? This situation usually appears, if you have a long-term corporate name or a plural words. "Halstatt the rip'n marketing activities, the company" is a terrible name. Customers will find it difficult to type such a domain name name.double letter is the second question, which is totally unique to the Internet. If a risk Sharon wants to use its corporate name as a domain name? The "s" at the end of last year the first word, and began a second can cause confusion. The domain name or Confuse your users is a bad way for the third??site.the the nature of the problem, your web site and search engine optimization. If you are shooting for a particular keyword phrase, you may be a better use of the keyword phrase in your domain name. Google, for example, focused on domain name when evaluating a site. If in other words, in your domain name interval with dashes, many believe that this will help in the ranking process. That is why you see so many 30 - years - domain network. If your business focuses on a very specific area, strong consideration should be given to the relevant keywords in your domain name name.finally, your domain name should end. " Com ", I do not want to hear any argument or do not see any rolling of the eyes are discerning. The simple fact is that when people think of sites, they always spent type. Com. Yes, there are other extensions and. We. Net. Biz, may seem unique, but you also kill the traffic. Pavlov and his dog experiments had it right. People have psychological conditions types. Com, therefore, do not choose any other outcome. If you do so, smart competitor will register. Com version of your name to get some free traffic. If you are really lucky, a pornographic Web site will do it! Take a breath before you select a domain name. If the spouse, it can be a good or bad choice.

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