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The feeling of the past, you have been somewhere before? Well,
Even if you have never been to the French Riviera Restaurant
Los Cabos, the experience will give you a new d�j�
Familiar, is a willingness to let you, you have to before. The
The owners and staff make you think that if you are long lost friends
Or family, eventually returned home and the food, service and
� Congeniality will create a lasting impression.

Los Cabos no shortage of excellent restaurants. Whether
Your appetite, do you have any difficulty finding food
It pleases the palate. Mexican tradition, the authentic Italy, this
Fresh seafood, sushi, hot pot and integration, they are here.
Cooking has received the attention of at least
France, the King of haute cuisine. None. Located at
Cliffs of Shanghai cortez, only a few minutes away from the
Fuss disturbed by the cabo downtown San Lucas, is a graceful, but
The simple the jewel in the crown is cabo gourmet pleasure.

This jewel of the French Riviera restaurants and bakeries. 1
Doomed is famous Trio restaurant locations in St.
Is San Jose del cabo is cabo San Lucas and along the tourist corridor
Between the two towns. Until recently, those seeking
Real food, gourmet French had a very small selection from which
Choice. France provided most of the fares, as a mixed
Much has nothing to do with French cuisine is a somewhat fares
It is obvious after the Trap. Others claimed to have trained France
Cooks, but my taste buds tell a different story. It is with the
I am very pleased to report that I have found the true taste buds
French cooking, it is alive and well in Los Cabos.

� Begat by Jacques Chretien and his wife Mrs Sophie Leung Lau Yau-fun, France
Riviera is??gastronome's paradise, an oasis of taste is full of
Sauces, originality and decadence. Led by chef Jacques Chretien
Some staff prepared the best meals possible
Previous through your lips, so that guests feel more at the same time
Home at home than anyone should have the right to feel. In addition, China
Friends, it is not easy task, but, to some extent, these outstanding
Hospitality folks, easy to see.

Chef Jean Chretien have glory belongs to a small community --
The world's greatest chefs. As the recipient of maitre Cuisinier
Title (French master chef), he joined a team owner
Only 200 members, and the rest of the world only over 40,
France. Mexico has a total of five, Los Cabos only one.
The award is granted, by the French government, and to recognize
Culinary excellence as a form of art what it does not want itself. The couple Jacques
Talent and passion, a food and Sophie's "joie de constant progress," and
There is no denying the warmth, and you have a five-star restaurant experience
Set in the world, one of the most beautiful coastal cities.

The main restaurant offers lunch (12:00 to 4:00) and dinner
� (5:30 to 23:00), bar service, from 11:30 to 23:00.
Decorative stone tables and wicker chairs, and the internal affairs
Bathed in the Earth ring tones, the restaurant is warm and inviting. Out
On the balcony, you are surrounded by lush landscape and
Endless Ocean View and the end of the land to take off and the famous Arch
Distance. Here is the spectacular sunset.

Chef Jean Chretien of the menu is an eclectic collection of original
Dishes and classic French fare. First, the waiters bring you
You spent a happy Trio "welcome" canap�s, sea bass and tartar
Green onions, goat cheese mousse and other seasonal
Delicacies. A very good feeling began production process
Guests feel truly special and welcome.

Try the appetizer served lobster cappuccino truffles
Zucchini and brittle foam into ravioli; Tuna & Scallop
� Carpaccio taste with walnut oil and lime, the services of the Lambs
Lettuce and dry etching shaved parmesan cheese; Or bake
� Heirloom tomatoes served with comfit eggplant, summer squash and small
Crab cheese sauce. These are only a few of the election,
Menu, it is not easy to make a choice, because they are all outstanding.

You entr�e chef Jean Chretien create too many unique
Dishes from which to choose. Projects include; Braised red snappers
Mushroom potato gnocchi served in basil reduction; Gilding
The frog legs served "pur�e Tak andouillette" drizzled with
Bubble garlic, parsley and butter sauce; Roast beef Sonora
� Tenderloin served homemade fettuccine and vanilla-flavored ginger
Portabella mushroom sauce; Herb crust??lamb served
Green organic French beans, black truffles mandatory; Bake
The free-range chicken breast stuffed eggplant and vegetables
Pan Au and reduce mandatory; Or with grilled lobster raviolis
� Shitake mushrooms bathed in garlic - basil emulsion, I just want to
To cite just a few.

Each dish is prepared to give full consideration to the restaurant thanks
The open kitchen design, by chef Jean Chretien. Watching the kitchen
Staff is a true enjoyment. Coordination owners and chefs is Eric Li scianamanico
Perfect partners, in the kitchen with Chretien and the rest of
The staff member. The epidemic occurred in the activities
A??leave the kitchen and hope to learn techniques to
Using their own kitchen, though, is much easier to see
Than do the same.

Wait staff is excellent with wine, per
At this stage of your meals, and a large selection of wine
Worldwide. A great surprise is the quality
Mexican restaurant features wine. Until recently,
Mexico was not regarded as wine producing country, but as
Rich land and temperate climate, as there. Slowly
However, there is no doubt that wine is seriously considering Mexico wine
Fans all around the world. To make it easier to choose the
The restaurant menu offers the choice choose to join wine
Both single-and double entr�e Grand Prix - fixe menu.

To end, dessert, as well as what is the choice they are providing. I
Partner of the dolores peralta, opted for a chocolate souffl� made
Valrhona chocolate with, and with the latest biscuits,
Goat and caramel ice cream. I opted for the lemon souffl�
On a year-garnishments. Valrhona is a wonderful France
Chocolate companies. Their "?amer" chocolate literally
Translated as "black suffering," and this is a fair description
Both the color and flavor of this chocolate. For true
Chocolate lovers, eating?amer almost a religious
Experience. This is most likely close to you any time in the past to
Taste the essence of pure chocolate.

In addition to the above souffl�s, the French Riviera offers;
Melt the chocolate cake served pear puree; Soft hazelnut
Biscuits served chestnut cream; Choose season red
Fruits and "Sable Breton mango coulis and cocoa sorbet; Or
� Flamb�ed served calvados apple and banana chocolate
When Taylor.

Another, the French Riviera's experience is that it does not
No end of lunch or dinner. The rise, and the next morning
Satisfy your appetite morning with both the short trip
Restaurants satellite location excellent breakfast fare.
Latest baguettes, decadent cakes, crepes and more await
There is nothing like the aroma of fresh more appetizing
Baked goods were crisp, clean coastal??. In short,
The entire experience is that good, magnifique!

To know more about the French Riviera or retain your table,
Visit them online or call 011
� 52 (624) 142-3350. I wish you journey apetit!

For the completion of the restaurant's location, time and contact
Information, please visit

About the author:
Chudy is the author and Richard also owns,
For tourism information portal and the Baha'i sur Los Cabos, Mexico.

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