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Acne, Women, Hormones and Polycystic Ovary Disease

More frequent combat acne and women are wrinkles
At the same time. This is a terrible blow to tension and mystery
Hormone signals and a more puzzling finding a cure.
Dermatologists Bao Dai security special agents T�th, M.D., Associate Professor
Milton section of Chinese medicine in the medical center Balkhi, well, he 63
The proposed clarification to choose female acne. Boshite - T�th
Explained that the control of acne is an ongoing process, and calls on all
Acne treatment, prevent new acne. Although the majority of women
With standard treatment for adult acne, such as
Hot agents or antibiotics, more than 60% of women
Either do not respond to standard treatment of acne or the establishment of a
Frequent prescription drug resistance, such as
Antibiotics. The reasons for adult acne is not yet know in the end
What are the reasons for adult acne, but several adult dermatology link
Acne to hormone fluctuations. Acne is often linked with women
Her menstrual cycle. Before the outbreak of acne by women,
If papules on the lower face and neck, seem to respond
Especially a good treatment drugs, or
To reduce or prevent androgen production. Manufacturing androgen hormones
Men like women, such as deepening of voice, is a
To increase sexual desire or hirsutism, resulting in excessive or unusual
Growth of hair. They also stimulate the oil glands. Oil
Mixed with skin cells and bacteria, resulting in inflammation
Skin that can result in the arrival of zits. You can give up
Blocking hormone androgen proper consumption of essential fatty acids
Acid, found in salmon and olive oil. Before you
Dermatology physicians prescribe hormone therapy, she may be performed
Standard screening, including two hormones - testosterone and
� Dheas (dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate). It is important is that you
Stop taking oral contraceptives for at least one month ago
Any testing is inhibited because contraceptives
Androgen. Birth control pill is a core hormone
The treatment, although lamented choice. Most of these drugs
Successful employed in the control of acne contain hormones
The so-called progesterone and androgen low activity (with GM
Drugs names such as norgestimate or desogestrel)
With 35 micrograms ethinyl estradiol, estrogen.

Risk factors and hormone therapy Boshite - T�th lawyers, "as
With any treatment, there are risks and rewards. Risk
Hormone therapy in need of regular breast and pelvic examinations
To prevent increased risk of certain types of cancer. It
The most important thing is the dermatology physicians and patients
Obstetrics and Gynecology physicians to determine the most appropriate treatment and
Follow-up work, particularly in women over 40 years old or those who
May be smokers, "

Polycystic ovary disease acne may also become a target
Polycystic ovary disease, the characteristics of a hormone imbalance
Irregular Menstruation, obesity, infertility, acne and hair
Growth in the face, chest, and back (hirsutism). If acne,
Polycystic ovary disease is caused by an imbalance of androgen
Hormone. Dermatologists should work closely with the young physician
The obstetrics and gynecology clinic physicians to reduce the risk of infertility,
Cardiovascular disease and insulin resistance in diabetes.
Determine polycystic ovary disease is an important
Contributions to the long-term health of these young patients,
Not to mention, as well as adults. Boshite - T�th concluded that
� "Hormone therapy is a good treatment, and many young girls and adult
Women, "and." It is used to reduce, or even lower than it may be because
There are so many options are available. Patients should
Recognizing that this is a very good adjuvant therapy. "However, I strongly
Agreed Boshite - T�th, hormones is very complex. Use
Hormone therapy is lame puzzle. There are several
Careful preparation of books to help you control your
Hormones and Acne conditions did not encounter the risk
Hormone therapy. I listed some of my favorites are:

Recommended reading: androgen disorder women: most
Ignore hormones, so long hormone deception:
Daily food and how to disrupt your products
Hormone - how to effectively protect themselves and your family, from d.
Lindsay berkson polycystic ovary syndrome: hidden epidemic, the first by Samuel Thatcher
M 4 ph value. 4 This is my ovary, stupid! By Elizabeth Lee vliet
Hormone confusion: science and social origin
Environmental endocrine hypothesis by???krimsky

About the author:
� Naweko San-ching joyz wrote health and beauty products and articles from her home
In San Diego. She recently published "Acne message: crack
Code your zits and acne say goodbye "(International Standard Book Number: 0974912204).
� Naweko is currently on the ownership of the so-called "thin hair girls,
Why do we have this thing or not eating "(International Standard Book Number: 0974912212)
Released in May 2005. She questioned and verification
Research, San-ching joyz train Figure competitions.

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