Friday, February 22, 2008

Courting Customers - From First Date to Marriage

Landing a new client is to curry favor with a potential spouse. At the first date, usually manufactured or break situation, if the door remains open, the work has only just begun. Like dating, you had better give you a good reason for the prospects to meet you, because there are usually more than one suitor.getting datethe key to the future, I look for a date or meeting with prospects is to provide sufficient value to the subsequent get-togethers attractive. In our company, our first meeting, including a thorough questionnaire. Some of these issues, we cover is: What is the nature of the problems, because you understand? What are the most urgent aspect? What impact is it to your organization? Are you willing to invest in technology, there is a clear return on investment? They will be involved in making these decisions? What other areas of your organization, you consider technology solutions? What qualities, you see, in a vendor? What will be the key factors driving your decision on this item? We follow - came up with a letter, and summed up customers, the cost of problems and solutions, we can solve these problems. This gives customers a clear assessment of their situation on the basis of their information has been disclosed to us. It often is a more accurate and more precise assessment, then met with us.we try to supplement their understanding and awareness of the problem, the technical solutions. Prospects appreciate this new tool, they have to move forward and solve the problem, we have already received permits, in almost all circumstances, continue to conversation.making your "suggestions" The next step is a proposal and we focus on education, in the whole client in the process. We go beyond quoted price; We have sent links related articles, case studies and other content, and expand their understanding of the prospects problems.many these are included in the proposal as an appendix, we strive to provide a paper, and this is very educational and includes charts and drawings so that the project more easily understood . Our strategy is that our prospects as a tool to educate the internal decision-making team, to put our name in front them.once we received preliminary approval of the contract, it was like in the. Intent is to create a lasting relationship, but any number of circumstances may be made to the Southern transactions. We go to extra miles, all we do. Like marriage, the real efforts at the start of signed contracts and the honeymoon is over.we must also pay attention to how we are being processed to ensure that we are doing the right choice of a partner, and; Do they fulfill their pledge to back calls, decisions, meeting time. We try and get a sense of the culture; Do people like working there, the people friendly, responsible mission.a happy marriagegreat relations generally have some common elements: mutual respect and trustcongruency, integrity and interests and goalscommon accountabilitycommon culture backgroundsfinancial stabilityrenew you vowswe ' re should always focus on long-term cooperative relations, as it significantly reduce energy and costs in order to maintain a customer, and then obtain a new problem. Below is a list of things we strive to achieve in order to create a positive relationship with the customer: the provision of more value than we have done the right thing and,??time.become respected and valuable member of the internal additional small things, no view question extracurricular or exceeded every commitment, we have already made in the contract, including the provision on the delicate schedule.adapt to customers, rather than bring them into conformity with inspection and the creation of a special channel of communication with likable and forecast customer needs. when we have done all this, we are in first position and vowed to continue for the next item. We have developed a quality relationship, and the client have no reason to look at the bottom linewhether elsewhere.the married or are you prepared to acquire new customers, use common sense; Find someone compatible, attractive, and you always put you to be a more positive force, in its lives.about the authorb.brandenburg @

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