Friday, February 22, 2008

The In-Your-Face, Idiot-Proof, Practically Painless Stay-on-Track-Every-Day-and-Get-Results White Bo

Are you prepared to learn a very simple, step-by-step
Technology is responsible for your life ... So you
Online successful?

Let me tell you how this system came into being ....

I is a great planners and objectives of the makers. However, year after year,
I have created a detailed, written beautifully formatted plan
Then disappeared in a folder or on the bottom of my pile

And, often, I use my days, to do everything outside
What is the most important.

My frustration, in the old century advanced i
The invention of a new system, in order to maintain themselves on the track and field - every day
� -- In a sense, at the same time "in my face", has effortlessly.

I have been using this system in a few short months, but
China Productivity profiteering!

Here is only a small part of the success, I have spoken
About a few months, but has never taken action to implement this until I

� ==> I created and launched the new website:
� Http://

� ==> Publishing and promoting my new weekly ezine, "Network
Marketing Nuggets "

� ==> Development of an automated follow-up system for online clues

� ==> Successful launch of a publicity campaign to promote local
And global traffic to my website

How you can mobilize ...

� 1. The purchase of the largest boxboard and you still have space (??4 'x3')
Or use static images. (Imagine a whiteboard to the Salang
Summing up, which makes stick to the wall electrostatic
� ... Wonderful things! )

� 2. Let your boarding champion. Mine is "dreambuilders command
Central. "

� 3. The allocation of your box is divided into six equal.

� 4. In box 1 was "game plan, in 2000," and listed your first five or 10
Target for a whole year. (Or just in the next 90 days. Whether
Works for you. )

� 5. Box 2, Enter "on" and then set out your goals for the
Months. Of course, you will from your game plan 2000 goals
When deciding what work on this month.

� 6. Box 3 entitled "this week" in setting your goals for the
The current week, you will be taken Looking back, "this month" and decided
And you focus on the monthly target in the next 7 days.

� 7. I think you know What's next .... Box 4, "Today!" Where
Rubber Meets the Road. As you plan your priority activities
One day, you will fully compatible with your priorities
For weeks, months, years.

� 8. Box 5 is the number of important telephone numbers, motivated argument,
Calendar - Whether you like.

� 9. For the truly dedicated, the killer here clandestine manufacture
This matter of day-to-day work .... your score card.

In Box 6, the score card and draw two rows. Wrote a few days.
This week in the top row.

Now, at the end of the day, look at your priorities
The same day, the evaluation of your progress, and score himself, and 1
And Article 10.

The secret of this killer is so simple, you will be tempted not to bother
And it .... make a big mistake! Score card - in your orbit
Your own accomplishments compete with themselves - is incredible

Why? Because knowing that the day you will have the scores
At the end of the day you create a laser focus on how
What is most important.

I challenge you to use the system for 30 days. And let me know
How it work for you. I will Post some success stories,
I websites.

About the author:
Xu Martin website Goddess
� Http:// ( "Network Marketing Electric Tool
� For busy people ... ") and weekly ezine" Network Marketing
Nuggets: Action tips and successful strategy for the Network Marketing
Professionals. "

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